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Video games for SLA


Second language teachers and researchers have recently become alive to the potential of video games to enhance second language learning:

We are advocating an approach designed to engender engagement through the utilization of students’ digital-literacy expertise and/or gaming experience or interest, but we seek also to provide encouragement for the development of gaming environments that provide feedback at the level of linguistic form and exposure to and movement toward awareness, and eventually mastery, of a wide range of communication genres, including those associated most closely with traditional literacies and "power genres" text conventions. To achieve this, we advocate the use of a three point sequence when designing video games: genuine player need, linguistic support and creative feedback.


The above quotation is from this article: 10 Key Principles for Designing Video Games for Foreign Language Learning, by Purushotma, Thorne and Wheatley.

Read the paper, download these exercises to test your understanding of the paper, and then check your answers.

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