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Cognitive versus Socio-Constructivism


In an influential early article on constructivism, Duffy and Cunningham (1996) distinguish between cognitive constructivism and socio-constructivism.

Decide whether the alternative responses to each of the four statements applies to cognitive or socio-constructivism. The first statement is done for you.

 To investigate the mind, we look
  • in the head
  • in interaction
 in the head
 in interaction
 To describe learning, we refer to
  • cognitive reorganization
  • joining a community of practice
 Theoretical attention is given to
  • social and cultural practices
  • individual psychological practices
 In studying groups, we focus on
  • heterogeneity (differences among members)
  • homogeneity (similarities among members)


Consult Table 7.1 in the original article to check your answers.


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