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Guess what?


This unit grew out of a vocabulary guessing game based on a class vocabulary box filled with small cards with learner drawings of vocabulary words they had learned.

The class of nine 8-10 year-old French EFL learners rehearsed these structures with reference to a large set of previously learned animal vocabulary.

  • It can (fly, swim, run)
  • It's got (four legs, horns, wings)
  • It's (small, dangerous, slow)
  • It's a (bird/dolphin/cow)

In the final sessions, the learners made powerpoint presentations with audio which they shared online to create a guessing game for the others.  

Watch these learner presentations, then download exercises to test your understanding of socio-constructivist learning activities; then check your answers.

Pupil 1

Pupil 2

Pupil 3

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