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Claire Kramsch

portrait de Claire Kramsch

(France/United States )

Claire Kramsch was educated in France and trained as a teacher of German literature and language at the Ecole normale in Paris and in Munich.  On coming to the United States, she taught at MIT for 25 years and has been at UC Berkeley since 1989, where she is professor of German and Education, and directs the Language Center.

Her research interests include intercultural communication and language socialisation.

She was awarded the Goethe Medal in 1998 for her work on intercultural dialogue, Berkeley's distinguished teaching award in 2000, and the AAAL award for distinguished scholarship and service in 2007.

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Kramsch, C. (2009). The Multilingual Subject. What language learners say about their experience and why it matters. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Kramsch, C. (1993). Context and culture in language teaching. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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