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Story retell


These 8 year-old French learners of EFL are retelling Two Monsters, a story by David McKee, where an argument between a red monster on one side of a mountain and a blue one on the other escalates into a fight.  The mountain is destroyed, allowing each monster to see the other's point of view, and thus be reconciled.

The class worked on the story in three 90-minute sessions.  In a final task in the third session, the learners drew their own versions of the story on worksheets with 3 boxes (6 for the more advanced learners).  They were instructed to write any words they knew alongside each picture, and volunteers retold their stories orally at the end of the class.

You can see Pupil 1's drawing, then watch him retell the story, and do the same for Pupil 2.  You can also see drawings by three other pupils.  Download exercises to test your analysis of these learner productions, then check your answers.

Pupil 1

Pupil 1

Pupil 2

Pupil 2's drawing


Three other pupils

Pupil 3

Pupil 4

Pupil 5

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