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Symbol Systems


In this video extract, Herb Simon poses the question:
Why is is possible to programme computers to do smart things, and to programme them to use the same processes as humans?

Watch the video to find out what Simon claims a computer must do to mimic human problem-solving. 

Make a list as you listen:

  1.  ______________
  2.  ______________
  3.  ______________
  4. ....



If you want something to behave intelligently then that system has to

  1. have the properties of a physical symbol system.
  2. be able to deal with patterns, or symbols.
  3. be able to accept symbols from the environment.
  4. be able to put symbols and patterns into the environment.
  5. be able to make structures.
  6. be able to store structures.
  7. be able to compare structures.

Human problem solving is shuffling patterns.

By doing this you can get computers to behave intelligently.

And human beings use this kind of process.

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