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Story adaptation


These slideshow presentations with audio were created by 8 year-old pupils in a French primary school EFL class, based on Emily Gravett's children's book The Odd Egg (see it on Google books).

The class worked on the story in six 90-minute sessions, working on the names of animals which lay eggs (birds, reptiles, insects) and the verbs in the story (wait, crack, hatch) using flashcards and worksheets. In a final task, the learners narrated slideshow presentations: they typed the correct verbs into a template, chose and drew the baby to emerge from the egg, and made an audio recording of their story.

Download these exercises to test your analysis of the teaching activities and resultant learner productions; then check your answers.

Pupil 1

Pupil 2

Pupil 3

Pupil 4

Pupil 5



Writing worksheet

Word search

Word bank worksheet

Bingo cards

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